Our church staff is committed to continuing to meet the needs of our members and community as we navigate this “new normal.”  The details below are SUBJECT TO CHANGE so we ask for flexibility and grace as things are ever-changing and we will be in communication with everyone as things progress:


- We will practice Social Distancing


- We will spread out in the auditorium:

    - All Family members should sit with their families

        *Individuals without family present should separate

    - We should refrain from physical contact (shaking hands, hugging)


- While our church is not requiring attendees to wear masks, the government authorities are encouraging the wearing of masks

- Church facilities are being thoroughly cleaned each week



The Attorney General is still recommending anyone over the age of 65 to stay at home to view church online.  Above all, when it comes to physically attending church once again, we want our members to take whatever precautions they feel necessary for their family.