Meet The Team

Dr. Chris Stephens


Dr. Chris has been at Central since July 2018. Pastor is

married to  Robin and they

have four adult daughters. 

Pastor enjoys riding his 

motorcycles, hunting rattle 

snakes, and spending time

with Robin.

Benji Edwards

Youth Pastor

Benji has been at Central since 

January 2019. Benji is married

to Christine and they have two kids, Ezekiel and Elisha. Benji enjoys spending time with

family, listening to worship music, traveling, watching 

and playing sports.

Melinda Henderson

Children's Director

Melinda has been at Central since October 2012. She is married to Scott and they have three kids, Tyler,Trey,

and Lydia. Melinda enjoys 

baking and spending time

with her family.

Cathy Vance

CCA Director

Cathy has been the director of

CCA since May 2018. She is married to John and they have

two boys, Cody and Ryan.

Cathy enjoys spending time

with her family and watching

her boys play sports.

Melanie Welch

Executive Administrator

Melanie has worked at Central since August 2012. She is

married to Aaron and has 4 children, Abbi, Ella, 

Grayson, and Titus. She works as a counselor in the youth 

group and enjoys watching 

her kids participate in sports.

Felicia Deaton

Administrative Assistant

Felicia has been at Central

since July 2015. She is

married to Jeremy and

they have five kids, Sam,

Noah, Lizzie, Will, and 

Parker. Felicia enjoys

watching her kids play

sports and spending time

with family.

Cody Jacobs

Grounds and Maintenance

Cody has been at Central since July 2016. He is married to Abby. Cody loves serving by maintaining the buildings and grounds of Central Baptist Church.